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DEEBOT N8 PRO+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner - dToF LiDAR, 110min Runtime

R 11,999

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DEEBOT N8 Pro+ is the flagship N8 series Deebot which is now equipped with TrueDetect™ 3D technology for avoiding obstacles and includes an Auto-Empty Station.
It now also delivers a more powerful 2600Pa suction cleaning (up from 2300Pa from the standard N8), households with pets that shed particularly benefit from the increased suction.
It is paired with the powerful 27 000Pa 1000W Auto-Empty Station charging dust bin.
With TrueMapping™ dToF LiDAR laser mapping technology, it maps homes with 4X the accuracy, 2X the distance when compared to more common LDS LiDAR robot vacs.
Set up unlimited virtual boundaries, conveniently use Area Mode, Custom Mode and Scheduled Cleaning.
With the 240mL OZMO™ water tank it can simultaneously mop and vacuum.
All floor types such as carpets, laminate, PVC, parquet or tiles are thus optimally vacuumed or mopped.
Smart home device compatibility makes controlling DEEBOT even more convenient than ever.

1. Recognises and avoids objects with new forward-facing sensors.
2. After cleaning is completed, the Auto-Empty Station can automatically empty DEEBOT’s internal dust bin so that users don’t need to worry about checking if the internal dustbin is full of dust.
3. Effectively isolate dust, hair, and allergens, and carefully guard the safety of users;
4. The disposable dust bag can effectively isolate allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers, thrown away once a month if used every day, clean and zero dirt user experience;
5. Users can set it to manual dust collection (collecting from the DEEBOT’s internal bin) or automatic dust collection (automatically transferring the collected dirt and debris to the Auto-Empty Station) according to the household area, ground dirt and personal cleaning needs.

• TrueDetect™ 3D Smart Detection System:
Uses the forward facing sensor suite to precisely detect and instantly avoid small objects in its path, preventing any collisions or tangling.

• Efficient Auto-Empty Self-cleaning Dustbin Charging Station:
Powerful 27 000Pa 1000W suction power collection bin with ultra-high dust collection efficiency.
Empties itself into a sealed 2.5L disposable dust bag that holds up to 30 cleaning days of debris.
Once DEEBOT N8 has completed its cleaning, the Auto-Empty Station with its high-density, ultra-smooth dust collection air-duct design for the best seal effect, coupled with 27,000Pa suction power, will quickly suck all the dirt collected from DEEBOT’s internal dustbin and store it in its disposable dust bag (2 replacement dust bags included and ECOVACS replacement dust bags are locally available).
Never do users have to worry about checking DEEBOT’s internal dustbin, making it extremely convenient for pet families that have to deal with a lot of pet hair and home dirt.
The Auto-Empty Station’s brand-new, all-pure white, perfectly matches the design of DEEBOT N8 PRO+ for a more unified and elegant aesthetic.
The ECOVACS Home App supports Auto/Manual Dust Collection mode for users to choose in different scenarios.

• 2.5L Large Disposable Dust Bag:
With its fully sealed design, the 2.5L dustbin bags can effectively isolate dust, hair, and allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers.
The design of the sliding disposable dust bag installation in the Auto-Empty Station makes the dust bag easy to install, it is equipped with a soft rubber sealing structure ensuring that no dust can spread in order to protect the user’s health.
It can be thrown away after a month if used every day, for a zero-dust cleaning experience.

• App Control:
Clean your home anywhere, anytime.
App connectivity lets you take control and schedule a clean or monitor the current cleaning status from the palm of your hand.

• TrueMapping™ dToF LiDAR Laser Mapping - 2X Coverage & 4x Accuracy:
TrueMapping™ creates a real time, highly precise map of your floor for more complete and efficient cleaning, in addition to preventing missed spot and allowing users to precisely see where exactly DEEBOT N8 PRO+ is in their home.
Based on dToF lidar technology, which is mainly used on aerospace and autonomous driving industry.
It provides millimetre-level object detection, compared to traditional LDS LiDAR laser navigation technology, it can measure double the distance ranging from 0.1 m to 10 m; while increasing the measurement accuracy by 4 times.
Larger family homes particularly benefit as it improves cleaning efficiency and builds more detailed and accurate home cleaning maps
Thanks to TrueMapping™, DEEBOT N8 PRO+ can quickly and accurately recognize environmental information, and can accurately reposition itself, even if it is moved during cleaning, it can quickly return to the position and continue to scan unfinished parts of your home.
Also navigates and maps flawlessly in pitch black darkness.

• Advanced Map Management:
Users can name different areas on the map, and then simply swipe to send their DEEBOT N8 PRO+ to the designated area.
Users can draw out designated areas that need the most cleaning attention on the map and can even see the exact size of the target cleaning area and let DEEBOT finish the task more efficiently, users can also easily label room types, divide and merge areas.

• Multi-Floor Mapping:
Saves up to 2 floor maps and can automatically detect and choose the right map for the floor for more efficient cleaning.
Users can also customize which room they would like the robot to clean on each floor.

• Virtual Boundary & No Mop Zones:
Sometimes there are areas of your house you don’t want disturbed.
By using the ECOVACS Home App users can maintain privacy and satisfy cleaning needs by creating virtual boundaries to define restricted areas, restricting the DEEBOT from entering them.
Create No-Mop Zone to prevent DEEBOT from going to the certain areas when mopping.

• Long-Lasting Battery – Works During Loadshedding:
With a 3200mAh battery, one charge powers the DEEBOT N8 PRO for under 2 hours (110 minutes) working time (under standard suction power setting and working on a hard floor), allowing it to easily clean homes that are 200 sqm large on just one charge.
Since DEEBOT N8 PRO has an internal battery, users can still clean their home during loadshedding/powercuts by simply pressing the power button on DEEBOT.

• Continuous Clean - Recharge & Resume Automatic Charging:
Forget cleaning range anxiety.
When running low on charge, DEEBOT N8 PRO+ will automatically returns to Auto-Empty Station charging dock.
Once fully charged, it continues the clean where it left off, giving your home a seamless and superior clean.

• Simultaneously Vacuum & Mop:
Your time will be saved.
The carpet detection feature intelligently avoids carpets when mopping and doubles the suction power while vacuuming.
According to tests, 99.26% of bacteria can be removed (based on test result from Hygiene & Microbiology Research Centre in Japan).

• Includes OZMO™ Water Mopping System Reservoir:
1. Larger Water tank: 240ml water tank for longer working time
2. Electronically Controlled Water Pump: precisely controls water flow at 4 different levels (ultra-high/high/medium/low) to avoid over damping or under damping the mopping pad.
3. Mop Detection Sensors: automatically turns mopping mode on and off.
4. Bacteria Removal: OZMO™ Mopping System can remove over 99% of bacteria (based on the test report from an independent Japanese testing agency).
5. Disposable Mopping Pad: Users can use the disposable mopping pad (1 bag of 10 pads included and ECOVACS replacement packs are locally available), made out of high-end microfiber, allowing it to effectively and evenly absorbs water from the OZMO™ water reservoir to keep the pad moist in order to better remove stains for clean and convenient cleaning, the large 236cm2 pads can cover a wide area and can also be reused a few times before having to be thrown away.

• Carpet Detection Technology:
Allows DEEBOT N8 PRO+ to automatically increase suction power on carpets when vacuuming and automatically avoid carpets when mopping, keeping the cleaning experience completely automated.

• UPGRADED 2600Pa Powerful Suction:
Using a brand new generation, high-performance brushless motor, the rotation of the vacuum suction fan can reach up to 19,000rpm.
Paired with a new S-shaped design fan inspired by the ultra-thin notebook computer and high-strength fibre glass fan blades, enable DEEBOT N8 PRO+ to maintain higher fan speeds for longer time, this enables suction to be increased by an incredible 73% to 2600Pa compared to DEEBOT OZMO 920/950 series.
Meaning that DEEBOT N8 PRO+ can effortlessly pull up dust and dirt particles that hide deep between floor cracks

• Strong Mobility Performance:
The robot can easily cross obstacles like doorsills up to 20mm.

• Smart Home Compatible:
Experience convenient, hands-off controls.
If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you can link your smart home devices to your robot, and tell it when and how to start cleaning.

• Scheduled Cleaning:
Never come home to a messy house again.
Simply schedule a clean when you're away and let your DEEBOT N8 PRO+ take care of the rest.

• Stair Safety Technology:
Don’t worry about your DEEBOT N8 ever falling downstairs.
With a pair of advanced downward facing sensors, it can automatically sense a drop off area and will safely reverse away to continuing to efficiently clean your home.

• Anti-Collision System:
In addition to TrueDetect™ 3D obstacle avoidance, proximity sensors are embedded within its bumper and soft cushion bumpers, your robot will avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.
So you can feel safe knowing your DEEBOT N8 PRO+ will protect your valuables at home while cleaning.

• High-Efficiency Filter Filters 99% of Particle Dust:
The DEEBOT N8 filter has 3 dust filtration layers, Filter Net, Sponge and HEPA Filter Element, it can effectively filter 99% of the particle matters such as dust and allergens as small as 2.5 micrometer drastically reducing airborne matters triggered by vacuuming.
And the HEPA Components is washable for reuse.
Paired with the Auto-Empty Station’s dust bag which traps particles as small as 0.3 micrometre rest assured it is a complete dust free experience.

• Tested to 92% Cleaning:
DEEBOT N8 PRO+ is certified to cleans up micro-sized particles with a dust removal rate of 92%, based on the International Electrotechnical Association standard IEC62929-2014.

• Dual Side Brushes with External Expansion:
The side brush external expansion design enables DEEBOT PRO+ to reach infinitely close to edges and corners of a room.
Compared with the single side brush design of competing products, external expansion side brushes can cover a much wider cleaning area, clean more dust and dirt in a room’s corner.

• Large Detachable Main Brush:
With a 168mm wide floating main brush, alternating long and short bristles combined with a rubber brush which presses closely against the ground, enables the main brush to easily dislodge any dirty and debris from the ground.
It is also detachable and easy to be removed.
The included Multifunction Cleaning Tool (stored inside the DEEBOT) can help to cut off any hair that has gotten tangled on main brush.

• Large Internal Dustbin:
DEEBOT N8 PRO+ has a large 420mL transparent internal dustbin, design with a one-handed installation and removal handle which greatly prevents user contact with the collected dirt whenever users wish to manually remove the internal dustbin.

• Voice Reporting:
Stay in the loop.
Set your DEEBOT to report what it is doing and give you real time updates.

• OTA Stress-free Updates:
DEEBOT N8 PRO+ manages its own updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology.
Users can simply set it to auto-update at specific times in the app to gain access to newer software functions and patches.

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    Reliable Cleaning.Anywhere. Anytime.

    Compatible with the brand new Auto-Empty Station, DEEBOT N8 PRO+ not only delivers a powerful in-depth cleaning experience without collisions, but also liberates your hands up to 30 days without cleaning the dustbin.

    The revolutionary Auto-Empty Station

    Automatically empty the dustbin on its own, liberate your hands up to 30 days.

    Disposable dust bag large to 2.5L

    The large volume of 2.5L can hold the dust and hair up to 30 days.

    Effectively filter 99% of the particle dust and allergens as small as 2.5µm

    The filter with 3 layers, can effectively filter 99% of the particle dust and allergens as small as 2.5µm.

    TrueDetect 3D technology

    Deliver a powerful cleaning without collisions With the exceptional TrueDetect 3D technology, DEEBOT can identify obstacles precisely and avoid them accordingly when moving.

    Millimeter-level detection accuracy

    10X accurate than traditional infrared technology. Reduce risk of getting stuck or tangled by cables, slippers, pet waste and slim furniture.

    TrueMapping navigation and mapping

    Maps your home with 2X coverage and 4x accuracy

    dToF Laser Detection

    First adopt aerospace-standard detection technology. Detect a double distance and has four-fold precision to detect objects.

    Advanced map management

    You can name your different areas on your map, simply swipe to send your DEEBOT to the designated area.

    Multi-floor Mapping

    Scan and save multiple maps of different levels of your home, you can also customise where you’d like the DEEBOT to clean in each map.

    Virtual Boundary™

    Define your restricted areas for DEEBOT to clean by setting the virtual boundaries in your home.

    Vacuum & Mop simultaneously

    Your time will be saved. The carpet detection intelligently avoid carpets when mopping and double suction power while vacuuming. Even 99.26% of bacteria can be removed.* *Based on test result from Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center Japan, used OZMO SLIM as test target

    High-efficiency filter

    3 layer dust filtration filters 99% of minute particle matter, and effectively filters particles as small as 6 microns.

    Strong mobility performance

    The robot can easily cross obstacles like doorsills up to 20mm.

    Recharge and resume

    Automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is low, and continues where it left off when charged.

    Smart home compatible

    Use your voice for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa.

    DEEBOT N8 PRO+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner - dToF LiDAR, 110min Runtime

    R 11,999


    White + White

    Navigation Type

    TrueMapping™ 2.0 (dToF LiDAR)

    Obstacle Avoidance

    TrueDetect™ 3D

    Integrated Voice Control (YIKO)


    Cleaning Mode

    Auto, custom, area

    Ultrasonic Carpet Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Pressure Boost (Y/N)


    Vacuum Level (MAX)


    Dust Box Capacity (L)


    Dust Box Filter

    Filter Net + Sponge + High Efficiency Filter

    Washable Filter (Y/N)


    Filter Level


    Dust Box Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Type

    Floating Main Brush

    Main Brush Material


    Tangle Detection (Y/N)


    Mopping Cleaning Mode

    Sweep and mop

    Mopping System

    OZMO™ Water Reservoir

    Water Level Adjustment

    4 level

    Internal Water Tank Capacity (ml)


    Auto Refill (Station to Deebot)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (Y/N)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (mm)


    Barrier Crossing Ability (mm) (With Mop, Wet Ground)


    Barrier Crossing ability (mm)(With Mop, Dust Ground)


    Mop Dimension (cm²) or Diameter (mm)


    Mop Water Content Adjustment (Come Out of the Base Station)


    Station Automatic Mop Cleaning


    Station Warm Water Mop Cleaning (Y/N)


    Station Clean Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Dirty Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Noise of Mop Washing dB(A)


    Station Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity (m²)


    Station Low Water Level Alert (Y/N)


    Station Hot Air Dry


    Station Hot Air Dry Duration


    Station Detachable Cleaning Tank (Y/N)


    Station Auto Dust Collection


    Station Dust Collection Duration


    Station Dust Collection Noise (dBA)


    Station Noise of mop washing (dBA)


    Station Vacuum Level (Pa)


    Station Dust Bag Capacity (L)


    Station Dust Bag Detection (Y/N)


    DEEBOT Dimension (mm)


    DEEBOT Noise-Standard Mode (dBA)


    DEEBOT Battery Type


    DEEBOT Battery Capacity (mAh)


    DEEBOT Number of Cells


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep) (min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode (sweep)(min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep & mop)(min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode(sweep & mop)(min)


    DEEBOT Charging time(H)


    DEEBOT Rated Power(W)


    DEEBOT Working Voltage(V)


    Station Dimension (mm)


    Station Rated Power (W)


    Station Rated Working Voltage (V)

    AC: 220-240V 50-60Hz

    Station Rated Output

    20 V ==1 A

    Total Net Weight (KG)


    DEEBOT Net Weight (KG)


    Station Net Weight(KG)


    Gross Weight (KG)


    Outer Carton Dimension (mm)


    What's in the Box

    Auto-Empty Station kit *1(Station*1+Dust Bag*2),
    Side Brushes*2
    Cleaning Cloth*1,
    Disposal Cleaning Cloth*10,
    Cloth Plate*1,
    High-efficiency fiter*1
    Instruction manual*1
    Cleaning tool*1
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