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DEEBOT X2 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner - OMNI Station, 210min Runtime

R 28,999

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Introducing the new, slim square-shaped robot vacuum flagship from ECOVACS, specially designed to clean every corner and narrow spaces with the highest precision.
Thanks to its new square shape, X2 OMNI easily eliminates blind spots as it fits better along the walls and into corners.
For the first time a TrueMapping™ 3.0 Dual-laser Solid State LiDAR Navigation sensor has been embedded in the body of a DEEBOT, making it the slimmest LiDAR-equipped vacuum cleaner on the market, this inherent advantage allows it to clean narrow heights such as under low-lying furniture.
DEEBOT X2 OMNI adopts a new volute fan design, which can output up to 8,000Pa of strong suction power, increasing power by 60% compared to its predecessor.
The OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System tackles hard stains and ensures a deep clean; with 15mm Auto-Lift Mopping, carpets are no longer missed out during the cleaning process. With its fully automated all-in-one OMNI station, AIVI™ 3D 2.0 artificial intelligence hardware, and sophisticated machine learning, X2 OMNI learns and, thereby, improves its navigation capabilities as you use it and so that I can operate autonomously better over time.
Featuring upgraded YIKO 2.0 Voice Assistant, just say “Ok Yiko”.

Finally, a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

1. ECOVACS' new square robot, is specially designed to clean every corner.
2. Navigate underneath low areas and cleans where you can't see.
3. New mop material can easily erase stubborn stains, revealing the mopping results to you instantly.
4. Upgraded 8000Pa suction, tailored for crevice dusting and carpet cleaning.
5. The best auto-lift mopping in the industry, tailored for cleaning carpets.
6. Ideal for homes with pets.

• Revolutionary OMNI Station – Fully Automated Cleaning:
Self-empties into a 3L dust bag that holds up to 90 days of dust, while also washing DEEBOT’s rotating mopping pads with 55°C hot water to ensure cleanliness.
Additionally, it refills DEEBOT’s built-in water tank with clean water allowing it to cover up to 400 square meters, and uses hot air to dry the mop after each use to unpleasant odours.
1. 55°C Hot Water Mopping Washing:
The clean water tank dispenses water to clean the mopping pads, while the dirty water tank collects and stores the dirty water.
DEEBOT can clean up to 400 square meters in one refill of the OMNI Station’s 4L clean water tank. Users can also use ECOVACS’ dedicated cleaning solution for even better cleaning results.
2. Auto-Cleaning:
By simulating the drum washing principle, the cleaning tank adopts a design that utilizes cleaning bumps, cleaning ribs, and water-scraping panels for effective cleaning of the rotating mopping pads. The station repeatedly moisturizes, rubs, squeezes, and wrings the mopping pads, resulting in cleaner floors than if they were washed by hand.
3. Auto-Dust Emptying:
27,000Pa high suction power dust collection system, with a dust collection efficiency of up to 80%.
Free your hands from frequent cleaning of DEEBOT’s internal dustbin of dust, pet hair, and small particles of household dirt. It's faster, more efficient, and dust-free.
With the sealed 3L dust bag design for automatic dust collection, it only needs to be emptied once every 60 days.
It's easy to install, easy to throw away after use, offers a clean user experience, and worry-free for weeks.
The overall sealed design of the dust bag effectively contains dust and allergens, keeping your home clean and healthy.
Supports automatic, manual, and smart dust collection based on the size of the home, the amount of floor dirt, and the personal cleaning needs of the user.
Will automatically collect the dust when DEEBOT returns to OMNI Station based on the cleaning cycle, making it suitable for use in environments with pets or multiple carpets where dust is more complicated to manage.
4. Hot Air Drying ¬ Prevents Smells:
After mopping, the OMNI Station has a hot air function that can quickly dry the mopping pads, cleaning tank, and base station within 2 hours to prevent the growth of bacteria and bad odors.
5. Auto-Water Refilling:
OMNI Station has a clean water tank that can automatically refill DEEBOT’s internal water tank, ensuring constant humidity of the mopping pads and preventing the problem of floors being dry after mopping.
6. Self-Cleaning:
The OMNI Station does not require frequent disassembly and cleaning; it is easy to maintain.

• 8000Pa Suction Power – No More Dust in Gaps & Carpets:
DEEBOT X2 adopts a new volute fan design, which can consistently output 8000Pa of suction power, increasing the suction power by 60% (compared to the 5000Pa of suction power of our preceding model – DEEBOT X1). The material of the fan blades contains high-strength glass fiber, which can maintain stable suction even at high speeds, consistently outputting strong suction power for efficient cleaning
How did we create the optimal air duct system for the DEEBOT X2 OMNI:
1. Excellent air duct structure – More than 20 years of experience in the industry plus expertise in fluid mechanics air duct design equals the best airflow efficiency;
2. Suction port design – The suction port is placed as close as possible to the maximum efficiency point of the fan/air duct system, to achieve the best matching state and optimal cleaning efficiency.
3. Newly designed silicon brush – Provides an excellent comprehensive vacuum cleaning capability.
4. Outstanding large-particle performance – The non-confining design allows large particles to be sucked into the brush cavity without any hindrances. Making it a perfect match when vacuuming large-particle scenarios.
Combined with its 8000Pa powerful suction, it swiftly and effectively collects crumbs, hair, and dust on both hard floors and carpets.

• Longer Roller Brush (Upgraded to Silicone): DEEBOT X2 OMNI features a longer 200mm main rubber brush for more efficient cleaning compared to DEEBOT X1’s 168mm length, resulting in a 19% efficiency improvement in a single cleaning session. The new brush is made of high-grade silicon rubber, which reduces it from getting tangled with hairs and has proven to be excellent for pet hairs compared to traditional brittle brushes.

• Auto-Mop Lifting of 15mm:
With ECOVACS' latest innovation, DEEBOT X2 OMNI uses its ultrasonic sensor to automatically detect an indoor carpeted environment or in chosen areas, it will automatically lift the mop to an industry-leading height of 15mm to only perform vacuuming without mopping the floor.
It will also lift the mop once cleaning is complete or when the mop is being rinsed, so users don’t have to worry about dirtying the floor when DEEBOT passes over a cleaned area.
The higher the lifting height, the less likely it is to contact the surface of the carpet and cause secondary pollution.
Mop lifting prevents unnecessary mopping on carpets and allows DEEBOT to simultaneously increase the suction power for efficient carpet cleaning.
Enjoy comprehensive cleaning without compromising on convenience.

• AI-powered AIVI 3D 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance:
With fully integrated AI and sophisticated machine learning, DEEBOT can ‘learn’ and ‘think’ to achieve more flexible and accurate dynamic obstacle avoidance (such as fast-walking people and semi-open doors), as well as a more thorough cleaning in complex households in both bright and dark environments.
1. Advanced RGB camera:
Equipped with a starlight-level camera used in self-driving vehicles with a 148.3° field of view (FOV), the recognition range covers multiple scenarios and even functions in low-light conditions. The camera is designed with an indicator light to show when it is in use, synchronizing with the camera’s activation for privacy protection.
DEEBOT host and app have earned TÜV Rheinland privacy safety certification, making it the world’s first and only robot vacuum to receive software and hardware dual-track privacy safety certification from TÜV Rheinland.
2. AIVI upgrade for person and object recognition:
2. 1 It can automatically recognize hundreds of types of furniture and common floor obstacles (such as shoes, cables, etc), seamlessly and easily avoiding obstacles, while greatly reducing entanglement and trapping.
2.2 When DEEBOT is performing floor cleaning, it can detect human or pet presence within a certain range and accurately judge the situation. DEEBOT will reduce its operating speed, increase its obstacle avoidance distance, and prevent collisions and disturbances to the user’s home life.

• Dual-laser Solid State LiDAR Navigation (Industry's First) – TrueMapping™ 3.0:
DEEBOT X2 OMNI is the pioneer in robotic vacuum technology, featuring a fully integrated dual laser LiDAR sensor (used in autonomous vehicles) that can detect objects up to 10 meters away at a 210-degree angle, making it able to smartly navigate, avoid obstacles, and map cleaning paths in your home.
It creates detailed 3D maps for precise and personalized cleaning.
For the first time, ECOVACS has used a wide-angle semi-solid-state dual laser LiDAR module to a robotic vacuum.
With the dual-laser LIDAR, DEEBOT can navigate and achieve accurate path planning.
At the same time, machine learning is also integrated into the navigation module, with the support of machine learning, the navigation performance in high-difficulty scenarios such as ultra-long distances and U-shaped paths has been particularly improved.
1. Having the wide-angle:
A vehicle-mounted LiDAR can only reach a maximum of 120° horizontal field of view, while the semi-solid-state LiDAR is equipped with 2 sets of transmit-receive modules, it can achieve a super large view field of 210°. Therefore, with a larger field of view, DEEBOT X2 can acquire more information per unit of time.
2. Greater stability:
2.1. The maximum detectable distance: Compared with traditional mechanical LiDARs (such as dToF and LDS), the dual-laser LiDAR module has a longer ranging distance, up to 10m (compared to dToF at 10m / LDS at 8m).
2.2. Life span: The semi-solid-state LiDAR has a longer life span.
2.3. Faster response time: The semi-solid-state LiDAR’s response time is three times faster than dToF.
2.4. Sampling frequency: The semi-solid-state LiDAR has a sampling frequency greater than 20,000Hz, while dToF and LDS have frequencies of 7200Hz and 1800Hz, respectively. This high frequency allows for a much more accurate and realistic reconstruction of the mapping scenery.
3. Pioneering embedded LiDAR technology:
3.1. Compared to the preceding DEEBOT X1, the embedded LiDAR of DEEBOT X2 allows for a considerably thinner body height of just 9.5cm.
3.2 DEEBOT has a flat body without protrusions, making it less likely to collide with low furniture while cleaning, therefore taking better care of the furniture.
3.3 The embedded LiDAR design with an independent protective cover effectively prevents external objects from entering and damaging DEEBOT, making it considerably more durable.

• 9.5cm Ultra-Slim Design – Reaches Under Low-lying Furniture:
Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners currently on the market are relatively tall, about 7.8% of furniture on the market is within 10cm of the floor, so users can only pad the bottom of the furniture to facilitate the entry of a robotic vacuum cleaner.
When encountering furniture with slightly lower bottom boards, traditional LiDAR robots will give up cleaning because they cannot move forward.
Since DEEBOT X2 OMNI has its LiDAR sensor incorporated within its 9.5cm body, it allows it to be the slimmest LiDAR-equipped robot vacuum in the industry, this enables DEEBOT X2 to have a huge cleaning advantage, being able to navigate with ease in low-lying spaces such as underneath cabinet, sofa, bed for a more thorough cleaning experience.
Low areas can come and go freely, sweep anywhere, and clean places that can't even be seen.

• AINA Artificial Intelligence Navigation – Say Bye To Getting Stuck:
ECOVACS upgrades its AI algorithms and, for the first time, applies cutting-edge technology concepts of reinforcement learning to its DEEBOTs.
The new technology enhances the DEEBOT’s ability to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and deal with obstacles, such as closed doors, running pets, people, or toys thrown out suddenly, without getting stuck or spinning in place.
It's the fusion of deep learning and reinforcement learning.
Deep learning is widely used in visual interpretation, natural language processing, etc. Our AIVI and YIKO are the applications of deep learning.

• Horizon Sunrise® 3 Processor:
With the use of a state-of-the-art Horizon Sunrise® 3 processor, it can integrate local AI computing power with a capacity of up to 5TOPS, recognizing a wider range of AI types with more precise identification and creating unlimited possibilities.

• Intelligent AI Housekeeper:
Based on AI visual recognition of room type, and floor material, as well as the historical cleaning patterns and frequencies, and obstacles encountered during the cleaning process, DEEBOT generates different cleanliness scores for different rooms (e.g., dining rooms are heavily soiled with a score of 1), and intelligently generates cleaning parameters, proactively recommending the most suitable cleaning method for users.

• Upgraded 3D Map 2.0:
The new upgraded 3D Map 2.0 takes 3D mapping as the primary interface to another level, accurately reproducing the home environment with depth, and helping users precisely locate areas that require targeted cleaning.
With simpler operations, it provides a more convenient cleaning experience.
1. Send DEEBOT to clean anywhere in the room with one touch;
2. Freely combine and match multiple scenarios, and cleaning strategies tailored to you;
3. One-key lock, no loss of maps.
With this brand-new advanced 3D map, not only can you see in real time the detailed home map curated by DEEBOT X2, but you can also personalize it by editing the 3D map, creating a more fun and efficient experience.

• OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 Dual Pad Rotating Mopping System:
Revitalizes your floor, allowing you to experience the pleasure of walking barefoot on a clean surface to the fullest.
1. Dual mopping pad plate design:
Mimicking an electric mop, the mopping pad plate adopts a double-disk counter-rotating structure design, which can gather dirt on the ground efficiently;
2. High-speed rotation at 180 rpm:
The two-disk mop rotates at a high speed of 180 rpm, removing stains more efficiently;
3. Maximum downward pressure of 6N:
The maximum downward pressure on the mopping pad plate is 3N*2, which presses the mopping pad tightly against the floor, and scrubs off stubborn stains with strong friction.
This powerful combination deep cleans effectively, removing stains from everyday spills to stubborn dried-on messes with noticeable effects.

• YIKO 2.0 – Seamless Interactive Voice Experience with ECOVACS:
The X2 OMNI offers an unparalleled level of control with its self-contained upgraded YIKO 2.0 voice assistant.
There's no need for additional connections to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri. Activating and operating the DEEBOT X2 OMNI by voice is always a breeze.
1. DEEBOT supports natural language input, and powerful voice knowledge base and speech recognition technology can convert users' speech into text, accurately understanding users' intentions and turning them into operation commands. DEEBOT will give a voice response to confirm that it has understood the user's command while operating.
2. DEEBOT has three built-in mics, it can be voice-activated and execute voice commands from up to 5 meters away.
3. It supports sound source localization, and users can summon DEEBOT to approach and execute floor cleaning tasks from where the sound is coming from.
4. DEEBOT has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to the YIKO Voice Control 2.0, which:
4.1 Supports multi-turn conversations (NEW): Clarifying the information when it is not clear based on the efficiency and convenience of user interaction.
4.2 Task adjustment (NEW): Adds cleaning areas during cleaning: When a stubborn stain in the kitchen is not completely removed after the cleaning, users can issue the command "OK YIKO, clean the kitchen again”.
4.3 Supports scheduled cleaning (NEW): supports full-house, area, and customized (domestic market) cleaning. Only one task can be scheduled at a time.
4.4 Supports mobile manipulation (NEW).
4.5 Supports offline NLP (NEW): cleaning commands can be given even without an internet connection.
4.6 Supports multiple command interactions (NEW).
5. Simply activate your DEEBOT X1 OMNI smart robot with 'OK YIKO' and ask it to come to your location.

• Live Video Monitoring & Two-Way Calls ¬ Say Hi To Your Pet:
The RGB camera with added HDR lets you watch your home in real-time and have video chats to keep an eye on your family and pets even in low-light environments.
The visual and voice interaction is multimodal, allowing for empathy and expressive communication, making communication with the robot cleaner more enjoyable.

• Encrypted Data Transmission:
Advanced encryption is applied for data security when the data is transmitted from DEEBOT X2 to a user’s smartphone.
DEEBOT X2 also is certified for ETSI EN 303 645 and 2PfG CH0003 standard by TÜV Rheinland privacy protection certification ensures your encrypted privacy and data security, making it compliant and protected against the highest levels of cybersecurity threats.

• New Square Design – Designed Specifically To Clean Every Corner:
1. Full coverage of blind spots and corners, achieves an amazing cleaning coverage of 99.77% (the side brushes almost completely reach to the wall edges):
1.1 Circular robotic vacuums have limitations in cleaning along edges and in corners due to their shape, while square robotic vacuums, designed with a square body shape, can better adhere to wall and floor corners.
1.2 The square design of DEEBOT X2 is enhanced with a wider front roller brush, allowing the mop to come within 30mm of the edges, reducing the margin by 45% compared to our preceding model – DEEBOT X1.
2. The new square-shaped DEEBOT shape enables a longer 200mm roller brush design.
The design of the square shape also greatly improves the cross-through rate of the robot. The new design aesthetics fits into the high-end minimalist home style.
The smooth and graceful curves outlined by DEEBOT X2 complement the overall minimalist texture of the body, with natural simplicity that is suitable for more high-end, minimalist home decor styles.

• Space Gray Colour Palette, Elegant with A Hint of Low-Key Luxury:
Calm and low-key harmoniously blend into the vast majority of home spaces, interpreting the aesthetics and nuances of high-end design language.
1. The rear decorative cover is manufactured by the extreme cold-and-hot process in the industry, which achieves integrated molding.
2. The bumper features an upper and lower double-layer coating for seamless sealing, for a higher level of safety.
3. The one-sided indicator on the OMNI Station echoes the one-sided Gemini module on DEEBOT, which balances the high-water ‘lightness’ and ‘beauty’ with quality and design.

• 22mm Crossing Vertical Barrier Ability – Up & Down At Will:
1. DEEBOT’s driving wheels use a new type of material, coupled with a strong driving force, DEEBOT can maintain an excellent level of movement in Cleaning/Mopping/Combo Mode, and cross a vertical barrier that is 22 mm in height (condition: both mopping pads and wheels are dry).
2. DEEBOT can recognize, detect, and remember the height, direction, and cross-ability of door thresholds, and can save the information.
It will not attempt to cross steps higher than its barrier-crossing level, ensuring safety itself while navigating up and down obstacles.

• Strong Battery Life, Low Power Consumption, And Smooth Movement:
1. With a built-in 6400mAh battery, the battery can last up to 210 minutes on a single charge, enough for a whole-house cleaning for most families
2. The upgraded Auto Continuous Cleaning feature is especially suitable for super-large apartments. When the remaining battery of the robot drops below 15%, DEEBOT will automatically return to the station to recharge to 50%, and then return to the previous stop position to continue cleaning.
3. Real-time display of the remaining battery (%) in the ECOVACS Home app.

• Easy-To-Maintain Components – Worry-Free & Timesaving:
1. A detachable base, easy-to-maintain cleaning sink, regular reminders for component cleaning, prevent the build-up of dirt.
2. The dust emptying efficiency can reach up to over 80%. The sealed 3L dust bag features automatically collects dry refuse, and empties dust every 60 days; easy to install, disposable after use, clean and worry-free, one emptying for several weeks of cleanliness.
3. Soft rubber brush, anti-entanglement main brush.

• Pet Friendly:
With powerful AI, the DEEBOT can recognize pets, pet houses, food bowls, and litter boxes, and can easily identify and avoid them even when they are moving and has good cleaning strategies for the most common pet-related problems such as pet hair, making it extremely friendly for pet households.

• Multi-Floor Mapping:
Saves up to 2 floor maps (and has one new environment map) and can automatically detect and choose the right map for the floor for more efficient cleaning.
Users can also customize which room they would like the robot to clean on each floor.

• Virtual Boundary & No Mop Zones:
Sometimes there are areas of your house you don’t want disturbed.
By using the ECOVACS Home App users can maintain privacy and satisfy cleaning needs by creating virtual boundaries to define restricted areas, restricting the DEEBOT X2 from entering them.
Create a No-Mop Zone to prevent DEEBOT X2 from going to certain areas when mopping.

• Stair Safety Technology:
With several advanced downward facing sensors, DEEBOT X2 can automatically sense a drop-off area and will safely reverse away to continuing to efficiently clean your home, don’t worry about your DEEBOT X2 ever falling downstairs.

• Large Internal Dustbin:
DEEBOT X2 has a large 400mL transparent internal dustbin, designed with a one-handed installation and removal handle which greatly prevents user contact with the collected dirt whenever users wish to manually remove the internal dustbin.

• Voice Reporting – Stay in The Loop:
Set your DEEBOT X2 to report what it is doing and give you real-time updates.

• OTA – Stress-free updates:
DEEBOT X2 manages its firmware updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology, offering users the latest features.
Users can simply set it to auto-update at specific times in the app to gain access to newer software functions and patches.

• Increased Internal Water Tank Size:
Internal water tank has been increased from 80ml (DEEBOT X1) to 180ml (DEEBOT X2).

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    Discover the X2 OMNI

    Brand New ECOVACS AINA Model

    Thanks to its deep learning and reinforcement learning, AINA enables X2 handle complex scenarios by strategical recognition and obstacles avoidance.

    Dual-Laser LiDAR

    This is the first integrated robotic vacuum and mop cleaning solution with a LiDAR sensor fully embedded inside the body - the same technology found in many autonomous vehicles. Dual-Laser LiDAR can detect objects 10m away with a 210 degree angle of view, offering intelligent navigation with accurate obstacle avoidance and path-mapping combined to serve all home-cleaning scenarios.

    AIVI 3D 2.0

    DEEBOT X2 OMNI has fully integrated AI and sophisticated machine learning capabilities. From now on, your robotic vacuum and mopping cleaner can "learn" and "think" through its upgraded RGBD sensor, to achieve smooth obstacle avoidance and a closer clean.

    Powerful 8000Pa Suction Power

    ECOVACS' industry-leading DEEBOT X2 OMNI boasts a wind tunnel and suction power up to 8000Pa, capable of cleaning tough and bigger dirt patches.

    Intelligent Mop Lifting

    Using ultrasonic sound, the DEEBOT X2 OMNI is equipped with a powerful 0.60 inch intelligent mop lifting function. The LiftUp OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping system lifts when a carpet is detected or if it passes through a clean area. The suction power is maximized from mopping mode to vacuum mode, supporting your clean home in any scenario.

    OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping system with chenille fabric

    The unique OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System provides consistent pressure to the floor for deep cleaning. The unique chenille fabric mop can easily tackle any stubborn stains.

    Strong Mobility Performance

    The DEEBOT X2 OMNI is capable of elevating by up to 0.87 inch to cross most thresholds with ease

    99.77% Cleaning Coverage Per Unit Area

    The new square-shape design with built-in edge detection sensor brings edge-to-edge cleanliness. Each outstretched mopping pad gets within 30 mm closer to corners. The 200mm roller brush boosts the efficacy of single cleaning pass by 19% compared to X1.

    New Compact Design

    The compact design of OMNI Station (15.5 inches x 17.4 inches x 20.8 inches) is perfect for narrow areas. The all-in-one station integrates with your home without occupying much space.

    Super-thin Design

    Measuring 12.60 inches in diameter and 3.74 inches tall, the super-thin low profile design enables the robotic cleaner to glide underneath sofas and beds with ease, cleaning under the area where dirt hides.

    All-in-one OMNI Station

    Say goodbye to manual intervention. The OMNI station offers a fully-automated cleaning solution including Auto-Clean with Hot-water Mop Wash, Auto-Empty, auto-drying and self-maintenance. Everytime it starts, your cleaning bot is as good as new.

    Hot Water Mop Washing

    ECOVACS 140℉ hot water mopping washing cleanse the X2's mopping pads. Not only does hot water better dissolve oil stains but it also enhances the cleaning solution. The cleanliness rate of mop washing is as high as ≥96%.

    3D Mapping

    Through upgraded 3D mapping, the DEEBOT X2 OMNI can now identify and clean specific areas, for example the dirt under the dining table in the living room. You can assign the X2 to clean a designated area no matter what how big the stain is. Simply swipe your finger on the App over the target area and the X2 will take care of it.

    YIKO Voice Assistant 2.0

    The YIKO voice assistant supports multiple voice control scenarios, including conversations with multiple commands, local dialects, offline natural language processing, remote control, cleaning scheduling, and more. YIKO offers a truly effortless and immersive cleaning experience as your one and only smart house keeper.

    DEEBOT X2 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner - OMNI Station, 210min Runtime

    R 28,999


    Black + Silver

    Navigation Type

    TrueMapping™ 3.0 (Dual-laser Solid State LiDAR)

    Obstacle Avoidance

    AIVI™ 3D 2.0

    Integrated Voice Control (YIKO)


    Cleaning Mode

    Vacuum-Only/Mopping/Vacuum & Mop mode/Mop after Vacuum

    Ultrasonic Carpet Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Pressure Boost (Y/N)


    Vacuum Level (MAX)


    Dust Box Capacity (L)


    Dust Box Filter

    Filter Net + Antibacterial Filter

    Washable Filter (Y/N)


    Filter Level


    Dust Box Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Type

    Floating Main Brush

    Main Brush Material


    Tangle Detection (Y/N)


    Mopping Cleaning Mode

    Energy-saving wash/hot-water wash/deep cleaning

    Mopping System

    OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System

    Water Level Adjustment

    3 level

    Internal Water Tank Capacity (ml)


    Auto Refill (Station to Deebot)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (Y/N)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (mm)


    Barrier Crossing Ability (mm) (With Mop, Wet Ground)


    Barrier Crossing ability (mm)(With Mop, Dust Ground)


    Mop Dimension (cm²) or Diameter (mm)


    Mop Water Content Adjustment (Come Out of the Base Station)


    Station Automatic Mop Cleaning


    Station Warm Water Mop Cleaning (Y/N)


    Station Clean Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Dirty Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Noise of Mop Washing dB(A)


    Station Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity (m²)


    Station Low Water Level Alert (Y/N)


    Station Hot Air Dry


    Station Hot Air Dry Duration

    2h (default)/3h/4h

    Station Detachable Cleaning Tank (Y/N)


    Station Auto Dust Collection


    Station Dust Collection Duration


    Station Dust Collection Noise (dBA)


    Station Noise of mop washing (dBA)


    Station Vacuum Level (Pa)


    Station Dust Bag Capacity (L)


    Station Dust Bag Detection (Y/N)


    DEEBOT Dimension (mm)


    DEEBOT Noise-Standard Mode (dBA)

    ≤64.9 (sweep) ≤65.5 (sweep&mop)

    DEEBOT Battery Type


    DEEBOT Battery Capacity (mAh)


    DEEBOT Number of Cells


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep) (min)

    212min, 435㎡

    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode (sweep)(min)

    186min, 272㎡

    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep & mop)(min)

    161min, 242㎡

    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode(sweep & mop)(min)

    143min, 202㎡

    DEEBOT Charging time(H)

    5.5h – Charging speed increased from X1 OMNI by 45% (from 1% to 90%)

    DEEBOT Rated Power(W)


    DEEBOT Working Voltage(V)


    Station Dimension (mm)


    Station Rated Power (W)

    20V 2A

    Station Rated Working Voltage (V)

    220-240V 50-60Hz

    Station Rated Output

    1000W/1650W(Emptying/Hot water washing)

    Total Net Weight (KG)


    DEEBOT Net Weight (KG)


    Station Net Weight(KG)


    Gross Weight (KG)


    Outer Carton Dimension (mm)


    What's in the Box

    (Antibacterial Filter *1 in) DEEBOT*1
    (Antibacterial Dust Bag *1 in) OMNI Station*1
    Mopping Pad Plate *1
    Mopping Pad *1
    EU Power Cord*1
    Side Brush*1 pair
    Main Brush*1
    User Manual*1
    Quick Guide*1
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