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Deebot T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner - OMNI Station, 260min Runtime

R 21,999

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Introducing ECOVACS‘ new robotic vacuum cleaner with All-in-One OMNI station, featuring the first-ever Hot Water Mop Washing technology, Auto-lift Mopping, and an impressive suction power of 6000Pa.
DEEBOT T20 OMNI provides you with a complete self-cleaning solution.

With an intelligent mop lifting function, the ultrasonic sensor will recognize when it passes over carpets, the OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System will then automatically lift its mopping pads to 9mm in height and the mopping pad plate will stop rotating to prevent water from wetting the carpet.
Say goodbye to manual intervention over carpets as carpets are no longer missed out during the automated cleaning process, all while tackling hard stains and ensuring a deep clean.

The Hot Water Mop Washing technology supports automatic mop pad washing with hot water, which dissolves stubborn stains and effectively removes odors.

With 6000Pa suction, DEEBOT can seamlessly clean every spot, from large particles to small dust, from nooks and crannies to expansive carpeted surfaces.

Featuring YIKO AI Voice Assistant, just say “ok YIKO, clean the bedroom”.

Finally, a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

1. Auto Clean with Hot Water:
Supports automatic mop pads washing after mopping without the need for frequent disassembling and washing with a 4L clean/waste water tank.
Hot water dissolves stubborn stains (especially oily stains), effectively removes odors, and enhances the detergency of the cleaning solution, which makes the washing of the pads more effective and subsequently cleaner.

2. Auto Empty:
Strong suction power of up to 28,000Pa, it takes only 10 seconds to automatically empty the DEEBOT dustbin. The large 3L disposable dust bag can hold months' worth of debris and dirt.

3. Auto-Drying with Hot Air:
After cleaning, the heating device inside the station can rapidly dry the clean mopping pads to prevent bacteria and odor.

4. Self-Cleaning:
Without the need for frequent disassembling and washing. The station is easy to maintain.

• Hot Water Mop Washing:
To mop the floor clean, a clean Mopping Pad is the foundation.
When the Mopping Pad is not clean, the residual stains on it will be brought to the ground, and the floor will not be cleaned no matter how you mop it.
In DEEBOT T20, a hot water element has been used to wash the mop.
Washing the mop with hot water can not only better remove the stubborn stains left on the mop, but effectively avoids situations where a somewhat dirty ground becomes more and more dirty due to the unclean mop, and enhances the detergency of the cleaning solution.
At the same time, compared to a cold wash, the cleanliness rate for stubborn stains is increased by several folds which effectively avoids the situation where the floor becomes more and more dirty due to an uncleaned mop.
- Instant Heat In Just 6 Seconds:
The built-in 3D cast aluminum ultra-fast heating system, with a high-grade aluminum alloy on the outside (as aluminum alloy has strong thermal conductivity), and an independent water flow channel on the inside all around the tubular electric heating element, creates a 360° spiral surround heating for the water flowing through the system, enabling it to heats the water by 55°C within just 6 seconds.
- Energy Efficient:
There is no need to preheat in advance. The heating system centrally heats the independent water flow channel. Adjust the heat according to usage — there is no need to heat the entire reservoir or to heat repeatedly and waste water and electricity.
- Multiple Protection, Safe And Worry-Free:
With a separated water and electricity systems design, anti-scald protection, and a double anti-dry burn protection design.

• OMNI Station-Auto Empty System:
1. Holds 60 days of dust collection:
Easy to install, throw away dust bag when used up, clean, and worry-free.
The station’s optimized air duct design is matched with a large-capacity dust bag to create a better dust collection effect, allowing users to sit and enjoy up to 2 months of dust-free collection.
2. 28,000Pa Large Suction Power with Auto Empty:
Frees user’s hands with automated cleaning of dust, hair, small particles, and other trash from DEEBOT’s internal dust bin.
3. 3L Sealed Antibacterial Dust Bag, Automatic Collection of Dry Waste:
The 3L disposable dust bag is easy to install, disposable, clean, and worry-free. Just enjoy 2 months of a clean home before having to replace it.
4. Fully Sealed Style Design, Keep Dust Contained:
With a fully sealed style design, it keeps dust contained – dust and allergens are isolated to keep the home clean.
5. Hot Air Drying:
After cleaning, the heating device at the bottom of the station can activate 2h electric heating to rapidly dry the cleaned Mopping Pad. Users can choose the time of hot air drying. (2h/3h/4h).
6. Auto Clean:
Without the need for frequent disassembling and washing. The station is easy to maintain.

• Switch Freely Between Four Cleaning Modes:
1. Vacuum-Only Mode:
Applicable scenarios: suitable for cleaning in pet homes or multi-carpet environments.
Device status: when enabled, DEEBOT’s fan turns on, Side Brush rotates, and the Mopping Pads are automatically lifted.
2. Mop-Only Mode:
Applicable scenarios: suitable for cleaning when the family is resting (such as with a baby sleeping at home) in a quiet environment.
Device status: when enabled, the robot fan turns off, noise down to xx dBA, to meet the user's needs for quiet cleaning.
3. Vacuum+Mop Mode:
Applicable scenarios: suitable for daily ground cleaning and maintenance, or when unexpected guests are coming over, or when you arrive home late.
Device status: when enabled, the vacuum module and the mop module work simultaneously, to save time and clean the whole house efficiently.
4. Vacuum First Before Mopping Mode:
Applicable scenarios: suitable for deep cleaning (such as when the ground has not been cleaned for many days) or a multi-pet family, effectively preventing cross-contamination of dry and wet dirt.
Device status: when enabled, the robot vacuums the whole house first (fan on, Mopping Pad disc lifted), and after cleaning the dry garbage (such as dust, dog hair, etc.), it will mop the whole house, which is more in line with the logic of manual cleaning.

• Fast Clean / Standard Clean / Fine Clean:
- Standard Clean:
The robot runs in a standard "Z" shape at a standard speed to achieve an optimal balance between cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency.
- Fast Clean:
When enabled, DEEBOT runs in "Z" shape at a more efficient speed on hard floors ("Z" shape running speed increases by 17% in vacuum mode and 20% in mopping mode), and the speed along edges remains the same as in the standard clean mode. According to the data estimated for cleaning a room that is 120㎡ in area, the overall cleaning and the cleaning time is reduced by 30% (in vacuum and mopping mode).
Suitable for scenarios where time is limited and cleaning needs to be done quickly (such as when guests are coming to the house unexpectedly).
- Deep Clean (mopping only):
When enabled, DEEBOT mops the floor in more intensive "Z" shapes with a significant increase in mopping capacity and a corresponding increase in cleaning time.
Suitable for regular deep cleaning of the home, or for cleaning areas with more stubborn stains such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

• Edge Deep Cleaning:
With the new Edge Deep Cleaning function, DEEBOT rotates its body when it operates for a certain distance in corners. The smart wave of each outstretched mopping pad can reach the corner with a 3mm distance, with its edge coverage rate strongly increasing.
Users no longer have to worry about the circular-shaped robots not being able to mop corners.
When enabled, it only takes effect in AUTO Cleaning and Hosted Mode. Given that Edge Deep Cleaning will prolong DEEBOT's running time and reduce its cleaning efficiency, it is to be performed every 7 days by default, and cannot be modified by the users themselves.

• Upgraded Standards:
Say goodbye to the odor of pet hair and enjoy an easy life with fresher air:
1. A 4-layer antibacterial dust bag efficiently filters 0.3um particulates and adsorbs the odor of pet hair accumulated in the dust bag:
- Dual antibacterial design, high-efficiency antibacterial, resists 99.99% of bacteria
- Activated carbon ingredients, effectively absorb unpleasant odors, and the TVOC removal rate is more than 99%.
- Four layers of high-quality materials, prevents any possible leakage.
2. An E11-rated antibacterial filter traps particulates and adsorbs the odor of pet hair accumulated in the dust box:
- E11 filter material, ensure efficient and long-lasting filtration.
- Dual antibacterial treatment, makes you feel clean and at ease.
- Newly added activated carbon cotton layer, solves the odor trouble.

• TrueDetect™ 3D 3.0 Obstacle Avoidance:
Based on the structured light technology and 3D imaging algorithm (similar to the technology used in facial recognition smartphones), TrueDetect™ 3D 2.0 (structured light) ranges from 70mm to 350mm, capable of doing the real-time 3D detection of objects to obtain high-precision resolution and depth information.
TrueDetect™ 3D 2.0 can perceive the size of objects accurately to mm level, and the accuracy is 10 times higher than traditional infrared laser technology.
TrueDetect™ 3D 3.0 recognizes the type of objects based on the 3D scanning data of common obstacles on the floor in front of DEEBOT, to implement different 3D obstacle avoidance strategies.
① For small objects, DEEBOT starts avoiding when it's about 6cm away, to prevent the objects from wrapping around the main brush/side brush and blocking the opening of the dust bin;
② For wires/cables, DEEBOT starts avoiding when it's about 5cm away, to prevent the wires/cables from winding around the main brush/side brush;
③ For other larger objects, DEEBOT starts avoiding when it's about 3cm away, to protect household items.

• TrueMapping™ 2.0 Precise Navigation:
1. Quick Mapping: Equipped with dToF sensor widely used in the fields of autonomous vehicles, with a scanning range of up to 10m and 7200 Hz - the detection accuracy for small objects is 4 times higher than LDS to realize a quicker and more precise mapping of the same house type and size.
2. Upgraded Map Storage: Supports the storage of 2+1 maps to meet the multi-floor cleaning requirements of users.
The first-built 2D floor plans and 3D maps will be automatically saved in the ECOVACS HOME app, users may manually back up the maps in the app as well.
If users later update the map in real-time, or overlays appear, or an area that you don't want to update is updated, you can restore the map with one click (automatic/manual backup map), improving the stability of map storage.
3. With the optimization of SLAM algorithm, DEENOT realizes precise navigation and positioning under the 2D floor plan and 3D map, and memorizes the cleaning position in real-time, eliminating worries about cleaning interruption.
4. Adopts the sealed design of a dToF module, resistant to dust ingress, and the signal is more stable, adaptive to various complex environments, not affected by strong light and shadow, and realizes accurate navigation around the clock.
The detection accuracy for thin and narrow objects (such as thin table and chair legs at home) is 4 times that of more common LDS LiDAR, drastically reducing collisions.

• Housekeeper Mode 2.0:
With this mode no need to worry about setting the cleaning preferences, or the frequency of cleaning in the app, it’s simple worry-free cleaning, with one-click to get it done.
Scenario 1:
When DEEBOT recognizes a continuous patten of cleaning every day, the next time a cleaning starts, it will perform daily cleaning and maintenance (such as at a suction of xyz, cleaning times xyz) for bedrooms and study rooms, and only perform deep cleaning (such as at a suction of xx, cleaning times xyz, and cleaning parameters) in areas that are prone to dirt or high-frequency activities, such as kitchens and dining rooms.
Scenario 2:
When you return home after a long business trip and start DEEBOT to clean the house, DEEBOT will recognize that the cleaning task has not been performed for a while, and will automatically perform a deep cleaning of the whole house (such as for the xyz room, at a suction of xyz, cleaning times xyz) the next time a cleaning starts, and implement different cleaning parameters according to the room type.

• YIKO AI Voice Assistant - "OK, YIKO”:
The YIKO voice assistant supports multiple voice control scenarios, including conversations with multiple commands, local dialects, offline natural language processing, remote control, cleaning scheduling, and more. YIKO offers a truly effortless and immersive cleaning experience as your only smart housekeeper.

1. Real-Time Cleaning – Auto Clean
2. Designated Room (Area)/Floor Type/Furniture Cleaning
3. Auto Clean
4. Settings (suction power, etc.)
5. Check the real-time status of DEEBOT

• 5200mAh Battery for 450㎡ Homes:
1. Capable of covering 450㎡ with the large built-in 5200mAh battery for a run time of up to 260 minutes (in quiet mode, vacuum only).
It's capable enough to cover the needs of the majority of household environments.
Can cover around 450 square meters of a whole house when sweeping and mopping once (in quiet mode, vacuuming and mopping).
2. Real-time display of the remaining battery (%) in the ECOVACS Home app.

• Continuous Clean:
Automatically recharge and resume, totally frees your hands: Upgrade intelligent power-off renewal function, for super large households, when the machine power is below 15%, DEEBOT will automatically go back to charge to 50% (about 2 hours), after charging is complete DEEBOT will return to the end of the position to continue to complete cleaning work.

• 20mm Crossing Vertical Barrier Ability – Up & Down At Will:
1. DEEBOT’s driving wheels use a new type of material, coupled with a strong driving force, DEEBOT can maintain an excellent level of movement in Cleaning/Mopping/Combo Mode, and cross a vertical barrier that is 20 mm in height (without mop).
2. DEEBOT can recognize, detect, and remember the height, direction, and cross-ability of door thresholds, and can save the information.
It will not attempt to cross steps higher than its barrier-crossing level, ensuring safety itself while navigating up and down obstacles.

• Anti-Tangle Silicone Main Brush:
DEEBOT T20 OMNI uses a new brush design that is made of high-grade silicon rubber, which reduces it from getting tangled with hairs and has proven to be excellent for pet hairs compared to traditional brittle brushes.

• Auto-Mop Lifting of 15mm:
With ECOVACS' latest innovation, DEEBOT T20 OMNI uses its ultrasonic sensor to automatically detect an indoor carpeted environment or in chosen areas, it will automatically lift the mop to an industry-leading height of 15mm to only perform vacuuming without mopping the floor.
It will also lift the mop once cleaning is complete or when the mop is being rinsed, so users don’t have to worry about dirtying the floor when DEEBOT passes over a cleaned area.
The higher the lifting height, the less likely it is to contact the surface of the carpet and cause secondary pollution.
Mop lifting prevents unnecessary mopping on carpets and allows DEEBOT to simultaneously increase the suction power for efficient carpet cleaning.
Enjoy comprehensive cleaning without compromising on convenience.

• 3D Map:
Reproducing the home environment with depth in 3D, and helping users precisely locate areas that require targeted cleaning.
With simpler operations, it provides a more convenient cleaning experience.
1. Send DEEBOT to clean anywhere in the room with one touch;
2. Freely combine and match multiple scenarios, and cleaning strategies tailored to you;
3. One-key lock, no loss of maps.
With this 3D map feature, not only can users see in real time the detailed home map created by DEEBOT T20, but users can also personalize it by editing the 3D map, creating a more fun and efficient experience.

• OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 Dual Pad Rotating Mopping System:
Revitalizes your floor, allowing you to experience the pleasure of walking barefoot on a clean surface to the fullest.
1. Dual mopping pad plate design:
Mimicking an electric mop, the mopping pad plate adopts a double-disk counter-rotating structure design, which can gather dirt on the ground efficiently;
2. High-speed rotation at 180 rpm:
The two-disk mop rotates at a high speed of 180 rpm, removing stains more efficiently;
3. Maximum downward pressure of 6N:
The maximum downward pressure on the mopping pad plate is 3N*2, which presses the mopping pad tightly against the floor, and scrubs off stubborn stains with strong friction.
This powerful combination deep cleans effectively, removing stains from everyday spills to stubborn dried-on messes with noticeable effects.

• Easy-To-Maintain Components – Worry-Free & Timesaving:
1. A detachable base, easy-to-maintain cleaning sink, regular reminders for component cleaning, prevent the build-up of dirt.
2. The dust emptying efficiency can reach up to over 80%. The sealed 3L dust bag features automatically collects dry refuse, and empties dust every 60 days; easy to install, disposable after use, clean and worry-free, one emptying for several weeks of cleanliness.
3. Soft rubber brush, anti-entanglement main brush.

• Pet Friendly:
DEEBOT can recognize pets, pet houses, food bowls, and litter boxes, and can easily identify and avoid them even when they are moving and has good cleaning strategies for the most common pet-related problems such as pet hair, making it extremely friendly for pet households.

• Multi-Floor Mapping:
Saves up to 2-floor maps (and has one new environment map) and can automatically detect and choose the right map for the floor for more efficient cleaning.
Users can also customize which room they would like the robot to clean on each floor.

• Virtual Boundary & No Mop Zones:
Sometimes there are areas of your house you don’t want disturbed.
By using the ECOVACS Home App users can maintain privacy and satisfy cleaning needs by creating virtual boundaries to define restricted areas, restricting the DEEBOT T20 from entering them.
Create a No-Mop Zone to prevent DEEBOT T20 from going to certain areas when mopping.

• Stair Safety Technology:
With several advanced downward-facing sensors, DEEBOT T20 can automatically sense a drop-off area and will safely reverse away to continue to efficiently clean your home, don’t worry about your DEEBOT T20 ever falling downstairs.

• Large Internal Dustbin:
DEEBOT T20 has a large 400mL transparent internal dustbin, designed with a one-handed installation and removal handle which greatly prevents user contact with the collected dirt whenever users wish to manually remove the internal dustbin.

• Voice Reporting – Stay in The Loop:
Set your DEEBOT T20 to report what it is doing and give you real-time updates.

• OTA – Stress-free updates:
DEEBOT T20 OMNI manages its firmware updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology, offering users the latest features.
Users can simply set it to auto-update at specific times in the app to gain access to newer software functions and patches.

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    Discover the T20 OMNI

    Auto mop lifting

    The brand-new automatic mop lifting delivers seamless, continuous cleaning between hard floors and carpets. It keeps rugs and carpets clean and dry by automatically lifting out of the way while vacuuming, then returning to mopping hard floors.

    Powerful mopping and vacuuming on any surface

    OZMO™ Turbo pressurised spinning mop offers premium scrubbing capability, giving your floors a better clean than flat and vibrating mops. With a maximum suction power of 6000Pa —more than 3x the strength of most standard robot vacuums—and an upgraded rubber brush with spiralling blades for effective agitation, DEEBOT T20 OMNI is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck in floor crevices and carpet.

    OMNI Auto-Cleaning Station with hot water mop washing

    Your DEEBOT T20 OMNI not only cleans floors, it cleans itself with the all-in-one OMNI station. It empties the dustbin, washes the mop with 131℉ hot water to dissolve oil and dirt and dries it with hot air. Experience a whole new level of freedom from cleaning.

    Precise & efficient mapping

    Quick Mapping creates a map of your home in 5 minutes, getting every area cleaner faster from day one. TrueMapping, creates a detailed plan for every room, down to each piece of furniture, even furnishings as small as a potted plant. Utilising the same tech found in self-driving cars, DEEBOT’s combination of LIDAR and dToF sensors provide more than 2X the coverage and 4X the precision of just LIDAR alone, and even greater range and precision over VSLAM and camera-based technology. That means a faster, more efficient, more thorough clean with no bumping into furniture. It can even do its job in the dark. Say good night to messy floors.

    Advanced object avoidance

    TrueDetect 3D is laser-based technology specifically dedicated to object avoidance. It enables DEEBOT T20 OMNI to identify and avoid potential hazards like cords and small belongings. With this advanced capability, DEEBOT T20 OMNI cleans within an inch of an object without getting into trouble, for a complete clean. With the same 3D technology as advanced facial recognition, it sees clearly what’s in its path with millimeter-level accuracy avoiding not just the shoe, but the shoelaces.

    Deebot T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner - OMNI Station, 260min Runtime

    R 21,999


    White + Grey

    Navigation Type

    TrueMapping™ 2.0 (dToF LiDAR)

    Obstacle Avoidance

    TrueDetect™ 3D

    Integrated Voice Control (YIKO)


    Cleaning Mode

    Auto, Custom, Area, Home

    Ultrasonic Carpet Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Pressure Boost (Y/N)


    Vacuum Level (MAX)


    Dust Box Capacity (L)


    Dust Box Filter

    Filter Net + Antibacterial Filter

    Washable Filter (Y/N)


    Filter Level


    Dust Box Detection (Y/N)


    Main Brush Type

    Floating Main Brush

    Main Brush Material


    Tangle Detection (Y/N)


    Mopping Cleaning Mode

    Sweep and Mop

    Mopping System

    OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System

    Water Level Adjustment

    3 level

    Internal Water Tank Capacity (ml)

    No Internal Water Tank

    Auto Refill (Station to Deebot)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (Y/N)


    Automatic Mop Lifting (mm)


    Barrier Crossing Ability (mm) (With Mop, Wet Ground)


    Barrier Crossing ability (mm)(With Mop, Dust Ground)


    Mop Dimension (cm²) or Diameter (mm)


    Mop Water Content Adjustment (Come Out of the Base Station)


    Station Automatic Mop Cleaning


    Station Warm Water Mop Cleaning (Y/N)


    Station Clean Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Dirty Water Tank Capacity (L)


    Station Noise of Mop Washing dB(A)


    Station Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity (m²)


    Station Low Water Level Alert (Y/N)


    Station Hot Air Dry


    Station Hot Air Dry Duration

    2h (default)

    Station Detachable Cleaning Tank (Y/N)


    Station Auto Dust Collection


    Station Dust Collection Duration


    Station Dust Collection Noise (dBA)


    Station Noise of mop washing (dBA)


    Station Vacuum Level (Pa)


    Station Dust Bag Capacity (L)


    Station Dust Bag Detection (Y/N)


    DEEBOT Dimension (mm)


    DEEBOT Noise-Standard Mode (dBA)

    ≤67 (sweep) ≤69 (sweep&mop)

    DEEBOT Battery Type


    DEEBOT Battery Capacity (mAh)


    DEEBOT Number of Cells


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep) (min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode (sweep)(min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode (sweep & mop)(min)


    Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode(sweep & mop)(min)


    DEEBOT Charging time(H)


    DEEBOT Rated Power(W)


    DEEBOT Working Voltage(V)


    Station Dimension (mm)


    Station Rated Power (W)

    11.4A (hot water mop washing) / 6.9A (emptying)

    Station Rated Working Voltage (V)

    AC: 110-120V 50-60Hz  

    Station Rated Output

    20 V ==2 A

    Total Net Weight (KG)


    DEEBOT Net Weight (KG)


    Station Net Weight(KG)


    Gross Weight (KG)


    Outer Carton Dimension (mm)


    What's in the Box

    (Antibacterial Filter *1 in) DEEBOT*1
    (Antibacterial Dust Bag *1 in) OMNI Station*1
    Mopping Pad Plate *1
    Mopping Pad *1 Pair
    EU Power Cord*1
    Side Brush*1 Pair
    User Manual*1
    Quick Guide*1
    Cleaning Brush*1
    Multi-function Cleaning Tool*1
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